My Guitardex


Future Plans

  • Right now, there is no way to filter the techniques library other than searching matching titles, difficulties or categories. There is not current way to combine terms (eg. 'easy percussion'). As the library get bigger, more ways to filter and sort the library items should be added.
  • Make a checker to ignore new Guitardexes when the new Guitardex is exactly the same as the one currently saved to the user's browser.
  • Add a recursive pre-req search to display how many prereqs should show on the technique before the difficulty display. (Ex: Natural Harmonic -> Artificial -> Tap -> Slap, so Slap Harmonic will have 3 pre-req requirements displayed.

Known Issues

  • If the user already has a Guitardex save file in their browser's localStorage, the starter save file will be loaded before the the browser updates to the new save.
  • If the user already has a Guitardex save file in their browser's localStorage, and has accessed the site via a direct short link, (, the starter save file will be loaded before the browser prompt for overwriting the previous save opens.
  • Samsung Galaxy mobile browser forces dark mode and ruins the design's colors.
  • On Firefox, dragging a Guitardex item to the generated link textbox will cause the item to become stuck onto the mouse and requires a click for it to come off.

Change Log

v1.0.0 - Official Launch

May 1, 2022

  • Guitardex is launched to the public.

v0.9.1 - Testing Launch

Apr 29, 2022

  • Guitardex is launched to a select group of volunteer end-user testers.

v0.8.1 - Videos and Notation

Apr 27, 2022

  • Proofread written and notation content to be consistent with the video content.
  • Added techniques' notation content for the public release with IDs 1-31.
  • Added techniques' video content for the public release with IDs 1-31.

v0.7.1 - Technique Continuation

Apr 24, 2022

  • Technique pages now have a 'Continue learning...' section at the bottom of the page that links techniques that have the current page's technique as a pre-requisite. Other pre-requisites of the linked technique are also listed as required.
  • Added drafts of all the techniques' written content for the public release with IDs 1-32.

v0.6.2 - Color Scheme Overhaul

Apr 18, 2022

  • Techniques search page and Guitardex now shows color coded difficulty markers.
  • Techniques search page now shows category markers.
  • Guitardex now shows category and group markers.
  • Technique pages now has the page header (reqs, difficulty, group, category, save button) visibly separate from the content below.

v0.6.1 - User Interface Overhaul

Apr 12, 2022

  • Guitardex profile names are now displayed as the page heading to make the profile name have more visual impact instead of 'My Guitardex' with an input box below. Unnamed profiles now have a placeholder of 'My Guitardex' displayed above instead.
  • A maximum character length of 24 is now shown with a counter when editing the profile.
  • Guitardex now shows a drag icon when hovered.

v0.5.2 - Improved Technique Button UI

Apr 8, 2022

  • Changed technique buttons from box and checkmark to save icon and checkmark.
  • Revamped save button and delete button UI to be more minimalistic.
  • Bug Fix: Erasing Guitardex name using CTRL/CMD hotkeys now work.

v0.5.1 - Created Necessary Pages

Apr 2, 2022

  • Added pages Help, About, and Community. Development (this) page was also added.

v0.4.2 - My Guitardex UX

Mar 24, 2022

  • Added a way to delete individual entries of the Guitardex.
  • Added a way to delete all entries of the Guitardex.
  • Added a way to re-order entries of the Guitardex, which also updates the Guitardex's browser save accordingly.

v0.4.1 - My Guitardex

Mar 12, 2022

  • 'My Guitardex' page displays the saved techniques of the end-user.
  • Encodes the save configuration to a short URL to share the user's Guitardex with others.
  • Added automatic decoding of a custom Guitardex URL upon visit to the site via the URL.

v0.3.2 - Technique Search

Mar 2, 2022

  • Added a Searchbar that queries search terms of the technique titles and their tags.
  • Added Guitardex browser saving functionality and put a save button on the Searchbar page and each individual technique page.

v0.3.1 - Technique Pages

Feb 27, 2022

  • Created the content structure to individually generate technique pages.
  • Created template skeletons of what the technique pages would look like.

v0.2.1 - Dark Mode

Feb 19, 2022

  • Allows end-users to freely toggle between light and dark theme (defaults to light).
  • User's browser remembers the color mode preference of the end-user.

v0.1.1 - Website Skeleton

Feb 04, 2022

  • The start of this website.