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Why Guitardex Was Made

Fingerstyle is a young style of guitar rising in popularity. Due to its infancy in history, it is not an officially recognized style of guitar by most music conservatories and is not documented heavily on. As a consequence, many avid learners of the style teach themselves without guidance.

My name is Robert Chen, and I created this web app ("Guitardex", "Guitar Index", "Gdex") to provide easy and free access to fingerstyle tutorials and information. As someone who had experienced the lack of freely accessible resources while growing my own skills as a fingerstyle guitarist, I want this site to give guitarists a convenient access to fingerstyle information.

Brought to you by members of the University of Victoria's Guitar Club and Fingerstyle Central, Guitardex aims to provide concise tutorials to elevate any learner's fingerstyle skills to the next level.

Is Guitardex Free?

Guitardex is and will remain completely free. If you want to help support my work and help pay for Guitardex's server costs, please consider donating.

Fingerstyle Community

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How It Works

Guitardex does not have a curriculum but any user can make one through the usage of it's saving and sharing functionality. For example, a Guitardex shared by a musician gives their fans direct access to the specific tutorials necessary for them to learn in order to play their songs.

See the Help page for more details on how to add and share your Guitardex, or try using this pre-made Guitardex: Common Techniques.

At the top of each technique tutorial links the required techniques, if any, that the user must know before learning it and at the bottom is a list of the techniques that requires the current technique, again if any.

Future Development

Guitardex aims to have more than just fingerstyle techniques in the future. It is programmed to save items from any 'library' within the web app. Currently, Techniques is the only library. Future libraries can include information such as audio mixing and equipment.

When I am able, I will be making improvements to this web app's functionality, UI, and content. You can view the changelog on the Development page.

Guitardex Team

I have outsourced help from friends who excel in fields necessary to make this project as serviceable as possible. These are the people who have worked on this project:

Robert Chen

Robert Chen

Developer, Content Creator, Content Writer

Bob Ma

Bob Ma

Content Advisor

WeiJun Syu

WeiJun Syu

Software Consultant

Bryan Quan

Bryan Quan

Quality Assurance